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Why Detox Your body

Why Detox?

So, why detox your body?  In the ideal situation, your body in stellar working order, takes in nutrients whether air, sunlight, water, nutrients and other forms of energy, chemicals, etc…and is able to use what it needs, dispense with what it does not and remove or eliminate environmental toxins and metabolic wastes.  But, unfortunately, for many, the ideal situation is not occurring as it should in the body without assistance, due to many factors, including, added stress, a build-up of toxins, the use of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes, processed foods, caffeine, preservatives, hormones, a predisposition (family history of illness), a generally poor diet, sleep problems, lack of exercise, and the list goes on.

Another unfortunate part of this problem is that it is a vicious continuing cycle, as the problems we face in society with the mounting stresses and toxins almost seem insurmountable.

Exposure to environmental pollutants contaminating our food, air and water along with the ingestion of synthetic, chemicalized and devitalized foods combined in a lifetime of improper eating habits challenges the body’s capacity for maintaining balance and puts considerable strain on the body’s organs of detoxification (liver, colon, lungs, kidneys & skin).

How do we get our body’s natural defenses back up to par and better than that, back to a youthful and staunch form of health, so we can not only resist the absorption of toxins but rid ourselves of them adequately?

Detoxification is designed to assist your body in its heroic efforts in this vital area of health concern.

Supplying the body with all the nutrients for which it has a genetically based need and assisting the body in eliminating the toxins that weaken or disrupt its function may help to provide an ecological metabolic environment that facilitates the body’s natural, innate tendency to build optimum health.

Who Needs to Detox?

If you have any of these symptoms, these are signs you need to detox your body:

Digestion and waste elimination problems

High cholesterol


Allergic reactions and/or Asthma

Chemical sensitivities

Skin problems


Mood swings

Puffy eyes and dark circles

Hormonal Imbalances

Blood sugar related problems


Frequent Infections, Colds, Flu

Muscle/Joint Pain




What is a Detox Exactly?

A detoxification process is the removal of toxic substances from the body.  Just as we eliminate viruses and adware from our computers, and we get our car’s oil changed, we must also remove wastes and toxins from our bodies.  It is vital.  The primary organ involved in detoxification is the liver because it is the first filter that toxins pass through.  But when the liver is put through too much strain and too many toxins, Toxemia (toxins in the blood) can occur and create problems.  Detoxification assists the body to work properly and restore a healthy digestive system by eliminating these toxins and increasing the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients we put into it.


Your Body, Your Health

If it’s still not obvious why you should do a detoxification process, then consider this.  Whether you’re young or a tad bit older than that, our bodies are designed to work for us.  They have muscles and bones and joints that should function and move and be able to exercise, get us around, and if they are not doing what they should be able to do per our structure, then there is something wrong.  If we are tired when we shouldn’t be, if we cannot sleep, if we are not feeling like ourselves, if we are not doing well in general, something is wrong.  And the first thing, we ALWAYS check is if we need to detox your body, NOT if we should go adding more chemicals and drugs into the body.  


It is your body.  You will ultimately decide what goes into it.  We cannot force you to detox or force you to stop taking drugs or alcohol, etc…  But, if you want to better yourself, please consider making the right choice for your body and your mind and do a detox.

What to Do Now

Call us.  818-237-3943  Talk to our patient relations manager and find out about our 3 week liver detox, how to detox your body and our nutritional consultations.  If not now, then when?  Why wait for the next problem when one decision could change the course of your life for the better?