Healthy Aging: Best Ways to Deal with Hormonal Changes

Everyone goes through hormonal changes, but not everyone knows the best ways to deal with hormonal changes. As we age we experience changes in our hormone levels that can leave us with less energy and vitality, and over time our lifestyle choices may also take a toll on our health. The combination of a poor diet, environmental toxins, lack of proper exercise and the changes of hormones can result in the symptoms of menopause and andropause, which can be very difficult. Trying to balance your hormones can seem complicated, confusing and difficult. However, with the best ways to handle your hormones, the guesswork goes out the window and your health will come back to view.

Elimination in Foods

A common symptom of hormonal imbalances is persistent weight gain. While what you eat and how much you exercise plays a vital role in weight loss, many women have an underlying hormonal imbalance that makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Making small changes in your diet can help tremendously; eliminating foods such as sugar, wheat, dairy, etc. and then slowly bringing them back in to see which ones you may be intolerant to can bring your hormones back to a normal level.


There are several supplements that can help with hormonal changes. Some include:

Magnesium: This will help improve sleep and soothe your nerves when you take it before bedtime. Magnesium can also help coax regular bowel movements. Most people are actually magnesium deficient, so taking 400 to 800 milligrams a day for overall health would be ideal.

Probiotics: Tune up your digestive system and help eliminate excess estrogen with probiotics. You can either purchase probiotics at your local grocery or drug store, or you could eat foods high in probiotics, such as yogurt.

Fish oil: Reduce inflammation, maintain a healthy heart, support the nervous system, improve mood, and boost cognitive function.

Vitamin D: Boost your immune system and nervous system and strengthen your bones by taking Vitamin D. Many people are actually deficient in Vitamin D due to the winter months. Vitamin D can optimize healthy hormone activity and help prevent sickness.

Chaste tree extract: Improve PMS and shortened cycles in perimenopause by taking chaste tree extract.

Hormone Balancing Programs

While eliminating foods and taking supplements can definitely help regulate and bring hormone levels back to a normal range, sometimes more has to be done. Programs can include:

Comprehensive testing for hormone levels and other biochemistry as needed.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Metabolic type testing to determine exactly what the correct diet for your metabolic type is.

A thorough hormone consultation, where your doctor will go over your test results and explain them to you and what can be done.

Metabolic type consultation where your doctor goes over your test results and lays out a personalized diet and supplement program.

Nutritional consultation to go over food purchasing and preparation so it will be easier to adapt to a new diet and lifestyle.

Follow-up testing and consultations to safely adjust your hormone program as needed.

There are multiple things you can do to balance your hormones and bring youth and vitality back to your health. While all of the above are some of the best ways you can deal with hormonal changes, a thorough and personalized healthy aging program could be the best option. With a personalized hormone program, you are able to dig deep and find the root cause and handle it with a diet and lifestyle change and supplements all under the care of a professional doctor. There would not be any mystery as to what you are dealing with since your consultation with your doctor would bring any problems to light and could be handled.