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Healthy Aging Programs Help Combat Poor Lifestyle Choices

As we age, both men and women can start to find themselves adversely affected by the hormone changes that occur with the aging process. These changes can make us feel lethargic, depressed, along with a number of other side effects, and our lifestyle choices may also take a toll on our health. Poor diet, environmental toxins, and lack of proper exercise can affect our health over time and combined with hormonal changes, the symptoms of menopause and andropause can become very difficult. Thankfully, there are healthy aging programs that can help combat the effects of aging and poor lifestyle choices and prevent chronic disease.

The Healthy Aging Program

Healthy aging programs help to fight the effects of aging and poor lifestyle choices in order to bring patients back to a level of health and vitality that they’ve been missing on for years. The Healthy Aging Program is unlike other wellness programs and begins with a six-month intensive program to balance the hormone levels back to a point of youthful vitality and to give support to the body with diet and nutrition that is tailored to each individual patient. This part of the program includes:

⦁ Comprehensive testing for hormone levels and other biochemistry as needed.

Metabolic Typing testing to determine the correct diet for your metabolic type.

⦁ A very thorough hormone consultation, which includes going over all of the test results and having the doctor explain the overall program.

⦁ Metabolic Typing consultation, where the doctor goes over your test results and lays out your personalized diet and supplement program.

⦁ An ongoing nutritional consultation with a metabolic typing counselor who will work with you on how to purchase food and how to prepare it so that it will be easier to adapt to your new diet and lifestyle.

⦁ Follow-up testing and consultations. This is to ensure you have safely adjusted to your hormone program. Any fine tuning to your dosages will be done at this time if needed.

Once this part of the program is done, the doctor will determine if you ready for the maintenance phase. Once the hormone levels have stabilized, the doctor will recommend a plan that will be specifically designed to maintain your hormones and nutrition at optimum levels. The phase is very important as if the body is left on its own, it will tend to revert back to how it was prior to the first phase of the program.

Am I A Good Candidate for the Healthy Aging Program?

Almost anyone who is experiencing the effects of hormone changes due to the aging process is eligible for the Healthy Aging Program. If you are going through menopause or andropause and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, the Healthy Aging Program may be a good option for you:

⦁ Hot flashes

⦁ Insomnia or problems sleeping

⦁ Frequent urination

⦁ Decreased libido

⦁ Depression and mood swings

⦁ Changes in skin and hair

⦁ Difficulties getting erections

⦁ Lack of energy

⦁ Irritability

⦁ Loss of strength or muscle mass

⦁ Increased body fat

Get Your Health Back at Angel Longevity

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