The Epidemic of Autoimmune Disease in the United States

There is an epidemic in the United States and it is only growing. You will not see it on the front page of a newspaper or on news TV channels, but it is there and it is very serious. It is the epidemic of autoimmune diseases. They are among the most prevalent forms of chronic illness in the United States and has affected an estimated 23.5 million Americans.

The startling fact that there are more than one hundred different autoimmune conditions should be enough for it to be talked about more often. They are all serious chronic diseases caused by an underlying problem in the immune system. There are more people suffering from autoimmune diseases than from cancer or heart disease, yet most people do not even know what autoimmune diseases are. The lack of awareness is making it harder for people to recover and causing pain, disability, and even death.

Unfortunately, most conventional doctors are not familiar with autoimmune diseases themselves and cannot figure out what is causing their patient’s symptoms or cannot get to the root of their patient’s problem. This makes it frustrating for the patient, can make them feel hopeless and even give up on solving their problem altogether.

The Answer to Treating Autoimmune Diseases

The good news is that there are ways to help and even reverse an autoimmune deficiency. Integrative functional medicine, a medical specialty that focuses on reversing these chronic conditions, is the best way to solve the problem. The problem with going to a conventional doctor is that they will take your symptoms and treat them as the same symptoms as another person. This works fine for trauma or health issues but does not work so well for chronic illnesses such as an autoimmune disease. What needs to be done is find the root cause by narrowing down possible root causes and testing them to confirm.

There are three broad categories that Dr. Anju Mathur, a Los Angeles Autoimmune physician, uses to divide the possible underlying reasons of autoimmune diseases. They are:

The body is influenced by something that is toxic to it, meaning the body has been or is currently being exposed to something that is harmful. This could be harsh chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, parasites, etc.

The body could be deficient in something that is essential to its health. This could be the endocrine system hormones such as progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, cortisol, Oxytocin or human growth hormones. There could also be nutritional deficiencies.

The body may have hormonal or nutritional imbalances.

Fortunately, there are several tools that are effective in treating these various factors. Some of these tools include targeted nutrients, IV vitamin infusions, bio-identical hormones and a metabolically correct diet. Additionally, any needed lifestyle changes along with these tools usually resolve most autoimmune diseases.

It is also very important to only use things that are natural to the body as it has its own innate intelligence and an inborn ability to heal. What we do is find out what is undermining the body’s ability to survive by using effective natural therapies to bring back the quality of life.

Autoimmune disorders are not something to ignore and need to be talked about more often so those who may have an autoimmune disease can handle it fast and regain overall wellbeing and have a higher quality of life. While conventional doctors may not have all of the information on autoimmune diseases, there are other options that can find the root cause and bring your body back to normal. The answer is integrative functional medicine.