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Chronic Disease

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Chronic Disease Specialist

As a chronic disease physician, Dr. Anju Mathur uses her specialized Back to Wellness Program to help patient overcome the effects of long-term and chronic illnesses. Dr. Mathur utilizes sophisticated tests to get to the root of a health concern. She can accurately diagnose complex and chronic diseases using the latest testing methods and a detailed timeline of your health and symptoms. She will additionally test for food allergies, hormone imbalances, cardiovascular issues, and other factors that may be an underlying cause of a health problem. After performing a detailed health analysis, Dr. Mathur can customize treatment plans to benefit patients suffering from complex chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases can be debilitating and difficult to diagnose properly when a physician does not have access to a wide variety of tests or when they do not take the time to consider all of a patient’s symptoms. Dr. Mathur uses a customized and detailed treatment approach that pays close attention to every aspect of her patient’s care and history to uncover all the symptoms that will help her diagnose and treat chronic diseases.

More people suffer from this group of chronic illnesses than from cancer or heart disease, yet most people don’t even know what these conditions are.

This lack of awareness is causing severe pain, disability, and even death.

Worse yet, many people with chronic conditions suffer with their symptoms because conventional doctors either cannot figure out what is wrong or cannot get to the root of the problem.

The answer is integrative functional medicine, a medical specialty that has come of age in the past ten years and focuses on reversing these chronic conditions. Most traditional doctors take note of symptoms and figure out what diagnosis they can bundle those symptoms into. This usually dictates the treatment. Therefore, if two people have the same symptoms, they often get the same diagnosis and the same treatment. This works for trauma and for health issues such as appendicitis or a broken leg, where certain things such as surgery can remedy an immediate problem or symptom. Unfortunately, this approach does not work when you’re trying to treat and prevent complex, chronic illnesses.

Treatment Approach: Dr. Mathur explains her astounding success with the treatment of complex chronic diseases.

Whether you suffer from fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, thyroid disorders, Parkinson’s or any of a myriad of other chronic diseases, the following is an overview of my approach to a patient who has been suffering from any chronic complex disease (whether they have a formal diagnosis made by conventional medical specialist or they have been suffering from something that is compromising the quality of their life without having been labeled with a disease.)

First I begin by collecting a very comprehensive medical history starting from the beginning of the person’s life. This includes what is called a” timeline” of their history. During this process, I garner very key medical factors which usually reveal a predisposition to illness. I also locate the precipitating factors leading to the patient’s current malady as well as those factors that keep the body in the state of disease.

To give you an example of this important step: There could be a history of a serious accident, a period of extreme stress from life events, a trip to foreign lands where they were exposed to certain toxins, or perhaps a change in dietary pattern or other toxic exposure etc. From this history I make a hypothesis as to what might be the underlying cause of this patient’s current medical problem.

Once I have the root cause narrowed down, it is time to do objective testing to confirm my hypothesis. I use the latest cutting-edge laboratory testing of blood, urine, stool, saliva and hair to do this. Only tests that are appropriate for that patient are ordered, and I review the results with the patient.

If I were to broadly categorize the possible underlying reasons of these types of illness, it could be divided simply into:

1. The body is being influenced by something that is toxic to it. In other words, the body has been or is being exposed to something that is harmful to it. This may include harsh chemicals, heavy metals, organic solvents, pesticides or biological toxins such as a viruses or parasites. Common chronic viral infections include: Coxsackie virus, Mycoplasma, cytomegalovirus or human herpes virus 6 etc. All of these can be contributing factors to autoimmune diseases and chronic complex diseases.

2. The body may be deficient in something essential to its health. This may include endocrine system hormones such as progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, cortisol, Oxytocin or human growth hormone. There may also be nutritional deficiencies causing the inability to digest and assimilate macro and micronutrients. An example of this would be an insufficient quantity of pancreatic enzymes.

3. Additionally, the body may have hormonal or nutritional imbalances which undermine metabolic pathways and the bodies ability to maintain homeostasis.

Chronic Disease, Angel Longevity Medical Center

All of these factors play a role in creating oxidative stress or imbalances in inflammatory and anti-inflammatory pathways of the immune system. This is the response of our immune system to keep the body going. This typically results in an extreme inflammatory state of the body. Couple this with the aging process itself (what we call the programmed cell death theory of aging) and we have the recipe for disease itself.

Fortunately, we have several tools shown to be very effective in treating these various factors. These tools include targeted nutrients, a metabolically correct diet, IV vitamin infusions to boost the immune system, detoxification protocols and bioidentical hormones to restore hormonal balance where needed. These along with along with any needed lifestyle changes commonly decreases the debilitating symptoms of a chronic disease.

It is vital however, to use only those things that are natural to the body. The body has its own innate intelligence and an incredible inborn ability to heal and our role is to find out what is undermining this ability to survive by using effective nontoxic, natural therapies to uplift the body from the mire of this diseased state and bring back vitality and quality of life.

With the above approach, my success rate with chronic illness is astounding. I have dedicated my life to helping people regain a high quality of life, increase longevity and overall wellbeing. This is my greatest happiness and my wish for you.

– Anju Mathur MD

Back to Wellness Program for Chronic Disorders

This program is designed for those patients who are suffering from complex chronic illnesses, such as autoimmune disease, heart disease, cancer or any other chronic and complex illness. This program is very comprehensive and tailored to each person’s needs.

In order to effectively help with these types of health issues it is vital to get to the source of the problem. This requires an evaluation of all organ systems of the body including; The gastro intestinal system, the immune system, the cardio vascular system, the hormonal system and the nervous system.

We do this by doing an extensive personal health history and also comprehensive and sophisticated testing. Our tests can effectively identify bio-chemical imbalances caused by environmental toxicity such as heavy metals, organic solvents and other toxins. Additionally, we can and do test for food allergies, hormone imbalances, cardiovascular issues as well as other factors that may be an underlying cause of you health problems.

Dr. Mathur is very skilled at not only determining what tests should be used but also interpreting those tests to determine what the correct treatment protocols are needed and in which combination. It is her expertise that sets this program apart from anything else you may have tried.Based upon your test results and overall history, Dr. Mathur will create a personalized treatment program for you. There are typically three phases to the Back to Wellness Program.

Phase I:

A four month intensive treatment phase that would typically include the following:

  • IV Therapy. We have a variety of intravenous nutritional drips that are used in tailored combinations to quickly support the bodies’ various organ systems and immediately assist the healing process. The consultations necessary to monitor your IV therapy are included in this part of the program.
  • Detoxification. It is typical that the body needs to be detoxified in order to promote healing. If it is found that detoxification is necessary for you, we use a specialized and very effective liver detoxification program most of our patients find immediately effective.
  • Nutrition: Food is the basic building block of health. What one puts in his body will determine the overall health of the body over the course of you life. During this phase we do a very personalized Metabolic Typing nutritional program designed to assist you in eating the right foods for you and to eliminate foods that may be toxic to you. During this phase you will work with our nutritional consultant to implement and stabilize your nutritional program. This will include a tailored nutritional supplement program.
  • Doctor patient consultations: During this phase of the Back to Wellness program you will see the doctor as often as needed in order to continue to assess your progress and fine tune your program. This program is very much a team effort between our health professionals and you. The success of the program largely depends upon you and your ongoing active participation in the process.

Phase II:

A five to seven month health stabilization phase.

After 4 months the patient is typically doing much better and will require continued monitoring by the doctor and continued fine tuning of the treatment protocols but doctors consultations will need to be less frequent and the number of IV’s required would be usually less as well. If indicated by test results, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy would be included in this phase if it was not started in phase I.

This phase includes:

  • Continued IV therapy as needed.
  • Ongoing nutritional consultation and support. There will be retesting for you Metabolic Typing program so all necessary adjustments to your diet and supplements can be made.
  • Continued but less frequent consultations with the doctor so that your program can continue to be closely monitored for results.
  • Lab retesting will also be done during this phase as dictated by the doctor. In this way we can stay abreast of all bio-chemical and hormonal changes that are going on in your body and adjust your treatment protocols appropriately.

Phase III:

This phase will be used to maintain an optimum level of health for the years to come. It is our intention to not only get you well again but do all we can to keep you well. The maintenance phase is a very personalized phase of care that is created just for you. It is also the trickiest phase of care.

As most of our patients are feeling so much better by this phase that they don’t see the need for more doctors’ care. However, this is where our relationship with you becomes perhaps the most important because if we can continue to monitor your health and prevent serious health problems down the line, then this phase of care becomes invaluable.

People suffering with complex chronic diseases do not have to accept their conditions because there is hope. Dr. Anju Mathur’s approach as an integrative functional medical clinic is one of a medical detective. She gathers all the clues of the patient’s past through extensive personal and family histories and their present circumstances, which can include potential toxins in the environment, social life, stress level, relationships, diet, workout regimen, sleep habits, and symptoms. Armed with this information, and all appropriate lab tests, Dr. Mathur strives to uncover how and why the body is not functioning well.

Chronic disease specialist, Dr. Anju Mathur offers a comprehensive Back to Wellness Program that offers several therapies to help patients recover from the effects of chronic diseases. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help to balance hormones, which may improve thyroid disorders and heart disease. IV Nutrient Infusions can improve immune function through allowing the body to receive high amounts of nutrients. Chelation Therapy may remove toxic heavy metals to allow the organs to function on a better level. Phospholipid Exchange Therapy can remove toxins at a cellular level and may improve Fibromyalgia. One or several of these therapies may be utilized to relieve the symptoms of chronic disease, resulting in a very personalized and tailored healing program, which can eliminate the causes of health problems and bring patients back to health.

Chronic Disease, Angel Longevity Medical Center
Chronic Disease, Angel Longevity Medical Center
Chronic Disease, Angel Longevity Medical Center


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Chronic Disease, Angel Longevity Medical Center

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FIGHT BACK! An Answer to COVID-19

Learn More about boosting your immune system

Covid19 and Your Immune System – A special message from Our Founder, Dr. Anju Mathur

Update March, 22nd:

We remain open to provide crucial services to all our patients and we are welcoming new patients.

Our most important goal is to remain healthy and maintain or build a strong immune system. In an effort to do so, we researched and have found a special test to analyze the overall state of health of your immune system.

A healthy immune system is the only thing that will either keep you from getting Covid19 or if you do contract it, keep the symptoms as mild as possible and the recovery as quick as possible. Because of this, we want to provide the opportunity for you to come in and have the overall health of your immune system tested.

If you are interested in this new blood test to find out what the overall state of your immune system is like, you should contact us right away and make an appointment.

We have negotiated some very special pricing on this test and are including your test and report of findings consultation with Dr. Anju Mathur along with her recommendations to maintain your overall immune health for only $199.

Call now to schedule (818) 961-2055

Our doctor has also prepared a special message for you:

Update March, 16th:

In recent weeks we have all seen the news about the Coronavirus and even worse, we have seen blatantly threatening news reports, and our friends and family scared out of their wits.

I urge you not to panic. If you are not sure what to do, contact us and we will help you.

Coronavirus is real, but for healthy people it is not a death sentence. The mortality rate is only relatively high in immune compromised people or with other medical issues. Per Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, “Viruses are NOT what kill & harm us (trillions of them in & around us) - rather the over-reaction of a weak & dysfunctional immune system caused by “underlying pre-existing conditions””… “CDCgov can bring CoronaVirus to its knees fast & stop deaths of seniors & immunocompromised by AT LEAST EQUAL emphasis- NOW - on specific foods & supplements to STRENGTHEN our Immune Systems.”

The best and right thing to do is to build up your immune system to be more resistant. In addition to high dose vitamin C, major autohemotherapy, and ultraviolet blood irradiation intravenous therapy, we are putting together our anti-viral supplement package for you. Call us for details.

Until then, we recommend you use very good hygiene practices:

  1. Wash your hands for 40 seconds with soap and hot water.
  2. Wear a mask if you are sick, coughing or sneezing, or have mucus. (Change mask every day).
  3. Wipe down your phone and doorknobs.
  4. Do not touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth).
  5. Use chemical-free anti-bacterial sprays and wipes (you can use essential oils, apple cider vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide)

Also, I want to share a wonderful anti-viral tea recipe:

Anti Viral TEA Recipe by Dr Mathur


  1. Fresh Grated Ginger-3 Tablespoons
  2. black whole kernels peppercorns- 20-30 pieces
  3. Cinnamon Stick- 1
  4. Black Cloves- 5-8.

Place all of the above ingredients in 3 cups of water and then boil for 20-30 minutes until the water turns black. Then strain it and drink it with some coconut or Almond milk and palm sugar or stevia.

Remember, these symptoms are treatable. You do not have to freak out. Be smart, keep your immune system healthy.

If you do contract the virus, let us know. Don’t panic, we are here for you.

Find facts instead of hysteria here.

John Hopkins reports 70,000 people have recovered worldwide.


Highest percentage of deaths are from immunocompromised patients and patients over 80 years old.

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