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Healthy Aging Program

The healthy aging program is designed for those men and women who are of an age to be adversely affected by the hormonal changes occasioned by the aging process but who also want to improve their overall health. As we age we not only experience changes in our hormone levels that can leave us with less energy and vitality but over time our lifestyle choices may also take quite a toll on our health.

Poor diet, environmental toxins and lack of proper exercise can undermine our health over time and if you couple that with the hormone changes that result in the symptoms of menopause and andropause life can become very difficult indeed.

Our Healthy Aging Program was created to fight the effects of aging and poor lifestyle choices and bring our patient back to a level of health and vitality they haven’t experienced for years.

If you are suffering the overall effects as mentioned above and are fortunate enough to not have developed a chronic disease them The Healthy Aging Program might be perfect for you.

This program begins with a six month intensive program to balance your hormone levels back to a point of youthful vitality and to support the body with diet and nutrition that is tailored exactly for you.

This phase includes:

  • Comprehensive testing for hormone levels and other biochemistry as needed
  • Metabolic Typing testing to determine the exactly correct diet for your metabolic type.
  • A very thorough hormone consultation with Dr. Mathur where she will go over all of your test results and explain your overall program
  • Metabolic Typing Consultation where the doctor goes over your test results and lays out your personalized diet and supplement program.
  • Ongoing nutritional consultation with your metabolic typing counselor. She will work with you regarding food purchasing and preparation so that it will be much easier to adapt your new diet to your lifestyle.
  • Follow-up testing and consultations. In order to truly safely adjust your hormone program it is vital to get retested regularly over this 6 month program and have Dr. Mathur fine tune your dosages as needed. Dr. Mathur’s expertise in interpreting your test results and adjust your dosages is the most important part of this program.
Healthy Aging Program Specialists, Angel Medical Longevity Center
Healthy Aging Program Specialists, Angel Medical Longevity Center

At the end of this phase of the program the doctor will determine if you are ready for the maintenance phase or not. If your hormone levels have stabilized then the doctor will recommend a plan that will be designed to maintain your hormones and nutrition at optimum levels.

The maintenance phase is vital to your overall health. By this time you should be feeling great and the temptation is to stop your care and that is the exact wrong thing to do. The body if left on its own will tend to revert to the way it was so to maintain your new found vitality it is important to have the doctor monitor your hormone levels periodically and adjust your dosage if necessary.

Healthy Aging Program Specialists, Angel Medical Longevity Center

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Healthy Aging Program Specialists, Angel Medical Longevity Center

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