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Poly MVA IV Therapy

For over 20 years, Poly MVA has been used as a safe alternative treatment for cancer and chronic diseases. Non-toxic and natural, it is widely recommended by leading integrative physicians around the world, including our functional medicine specialists at the Angel Longevity Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Health uses for Poly MVA

Our functional medicine experts recommend Poly MVA IV therapy for patients suffering from a range of conditions. Some of the most common health uses for this approach include:

Palliative care

Poly MVA IV therapy can increase the quality of life for patients undergoing conventional cancer treatments. It can restore energy levels, support overall health and wellness, and replenish nutrients that have diminished due to chemotherapy and radiation.

Adjunct cancer therapy

In addition to optimizing wellness during cancer treatments, Poly MVA can also reduce the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. It targets the free radicals that are produced by these treatments, which can prevent unnecessary damage to healthy cells.

Treat chronic conditions

Poly MVA acts as a super antioxidant, making it beneficial to patients with a wide range of chronic and degenerative diseases. Some of the most common illnesses we treat with this approach include Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s disease and more.

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The benefits of Poly MVA IV therapy

  • Fast-acting doses
  • Detoxify the body and protect cells from free radicals
  • Slow down the aging process and promote cellular health
  • Improve the quality of life for cancer patients and those with chronic illnesses
  • Decrease the cellular damage done by traditional cancer treatments
  • Increase energy levels and improve appetite

What specific cancers benefit from this treatment?

Poly MVA IV therapy is beneficial to an array of different types of cancers.

At Angel Longevity Medical Center, we have seen incredible results for patients with cancer of the:

  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Brain
  • Lung

How does Poly MVA work?

Poly MVA delivers lipoic acid mineral complex to the body, which is a way to transfer energy to cells. It dissolves equally well in both fats and water, so it can penetrate all cell membranes with ease.

Once inside a cell, Poly MVA regulates ATP production, which is the cell’s chemical form of energy. This mechanism is supported by healthy cells – not cancerous ones. Poly MVA enters cancer cells and disrupts the energy pathways, shifting the metabolic properties and improving health.

What to expect during your treatment

Poly MVA IV therapy at Angel Longevity Medical Center is a relaxing treatment experience. While you are seated in a comfortable chair, we will carefully place IV lines in a vein that is located inside your elbow or on the back of your hand.

During treatment, Poly MVA will drip slowly into the IV line, where it will enter into your bloodstream.

To learn more about Poly MVA IV therapy and the powerful benefits it offers to patients suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases, please contact Angel Longevity Medical Center today and schedule a consultation. 818-930-5706

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