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Hormone Balance for Life Program

This program is a fully tailored Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) program. Appropriate for Men and Women, it is geared to bring your hormone levels back to a more youthful balance. It is designed for those patients whose biggest need is hormone balancing. For women suffering from the symptoms of menopause and men suffering from andropause this program is delivered in two phases.

PHASE I: Hormone Balancing

This phase is a six month program designed to establish what your current hormone levels are and create a tailored program to get your hormone levels and your vitality back to where they once were and thereby improving the symptoms of the aging process.

This phase includes:

An initial consultation with the doctor to determine if Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you. In this consultation the doctor will review your medical history, discuss with you your symptomatic picture and determine if there are any contraindications for you to receive BHIRT.

The next step will be lab tests as ordered by the doctor to establish your current hormone levels. The next step is your first hormone consultation. This is where the doctor’s extensive education and years of clinical experience will really shine through. In this consultation the doctor will thoroughly go over your test results to determine the hormones and in what quantity and combination will be necessary for you. You will have a chance to ask all of your questions and make sure you are ready to begin your treatment. The doctor may recommend additional lab tests for you at this time.

The next steps are monthly follow up lab tests and follow up consultations. It is very important that the doctor closely monitors your program and your progress. During these 5 months the doctor will be able to fine tune your dosages as needed to create a healthy and optimum hormone balance. Even though we are using hormones identical to those produced naturally be the body, incorrect dosages can cause problems and Dr. Mathur is very skilled at avoiding these problems. Thus she will monitor your progress closely by getting monthly blood tests and subsequent consultation with Dr. Mathur to go over the results.

The next step includes; follow-up lab tests, ongoing monitoring of your entire endocrine system, to ensure proper dosage and prevent any adverse side effects, and follow-up doctor consultations as needed

PHASE II: Maintenance

This is a life time phase that is usually broken down into one year increments. It is during this very vital phase that you will have the opportunity to stay younger longer and age gracefully. Quality of life is very important to our patients and this phase of the Hormone Balance for Life Program gives our patients the best chance they have of not compromising their quality of life as they age.

This phase includes:

Periodic blood tests to monitor your hormone levels (usually every 6 months). This is very important because your body does change over time and so do your hormone requirements.

Ongoing monitoring by the doctor of both your test results and your subjective reports to ensure that you are progressing well. A consultation with the doctor after each lab test to go over the results and adjust your hormone prescription if needed. These consultations will also be an opportunity for you and the doctor to discuss any other changes good or bad in your overall health.

The whole purpose of all of our wellness programs is to accomplish two things, to get you well and keep you that way.

Maintaining your health with the maintenance phase of these programs is likely to save you thousands of dollars from not having to pay the cost of unnecessary illness and of course save your quality of life as well.

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