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Sunetics Hair Growth

Your appearance affects how you feel about yourself. The way you present yourself to the world maters. When you begin to lose your hair, it can feel like a personal disaster. You may feel the hair loss leaves you looking older and less attractive. There are few physical issues that can affect your self-esteem as much as hair loss. If you are struggling with hair loss, you need to find out about Sunetics Hair Growth.

With almost 80 Million people in the USA living with hair loss, it is a common problem. On average, each person loses about 100 hairs per day, which is normal. When the hair loss is much more than the normal shedding, it eventually becomes noticeable. In the past the only options for treatment of hair loss were surgical hair implants, or the use of oral or topical medications for the rest of your life. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

Meet Sunetics, an FDA-approved laser system to treat male and female pattern baldness.


The Sunetics Laser stimulates the hair follicles using Low Level Laser Technology (LLLT), healing the underlying causes of male and female pattern baldness, to trigger natural, healthy hair regrowth. The Sunetics Laser provides treatment for hair loss that is non-invasive, non-surgical, and involves no downtime.


The Sunetics Lasers target androgenetic alopecia without heat, pain, or harmful side effects. Androgenetic alopecia, otherwise known as male or female pattern baldness, is hair loss which at the top and sides of the head. The Sunetics Lasers use dispersion technology to target all of the thinning zones at once, stimulating the follicles without heat or pain. As the scalp is flooded with low-level laser light, the hair follicles are reenergized, allowing those that have stopped producing healthy hairs to reawaken. These follicles become energized, with healthy hair growth restored.

What Can I Expect During Treatment with Sunetics?

During treatment with the Sunetics Lasers, patients sit restfully under a hood which emits LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy), dispersing light energy across the surface of the scalp. Since there is no heat or pain associated with Sunetics Lasers, you can simply rest comfortably for the duration of the treatment. Each session lasts about 20 minutes, during which you can read, work, chat, or just rest comfortably. At the end of your session, a bell will ring, and you are free to leave and resume your daily activities.

Men and women receiving treatment with the Sunetics Lasers generally do so on a six-month treatment schedule. During the first twelve weeks visits are scheduled twice per week, with visits the remaining twelve weeks once per week. If necessary, some patients may continue to receive treatments once every two weeks for an additional six months.

By increasing the blood flow and oxygen to the hair follicles that have gone dormant, the follicles come back to life. Most patients will begin to see hair loss minimized during the first two months of treatment. Following this initial phase, you will see new hair growth begin to appear. Soon, you will see a more youthful hairline start to appear.

If you are concerned about the effects of male or female pattern baldness and worry that if it continues (which it will), how it will impact your self-confidence in your body image, we can help. Contact Angel Longevity to schedule a consultation to find out more about the amazing results achieved with the Sunetics Laser – this treatment could be the answer to your hair loss problems.

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