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Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Specialists

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome has become more common due to the fast-paced, high stress daily environments produced with modern lifestyles. This syndrome is usually brought on with stress, and it can cause men and women to wear down their adrenal glands. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and are no bigger than the size of a walnut. Their sole function is to help the body deal with stress. They affect every tissue, organ, and cell, and they also influence thoughts and emotions. The adrenal glands secrete hormones in order to help the body maintain functions while dealing with stress.

Stress can come in many forms, and each day small stressors begins to wear on the adrenal glands. If the adrenal glands do not have time to recover, and a large traumatic event occurs, the adrenals may stop functioning at optimum levels. The adrenal glands respond to stress the same way, no matter what the cause of the stress may be. Physical, emotional, and mental stress can induce the adrenal glands. The number of stressors, how long they last, the frequency they occur, and the intensity affect the way the body deals with stress in the long run.

When my patients complain of exhaustion along with having high levels of stress in their life as an ongoing thing, I suspect adrenal burn out or adrenal fatigue. When adrenals are not working properly, one may experience fatigue, dizziness or difficulty focusing on the task in front of oneself, feeling tired when challenged with some monumental deadline or a presentation that needs to be prepared in speed break time, loss of motivation, Heart palpitations, difficulty getting good night rest, low blood pressure or feeling dizzy when getting up from sitting position, exercise intolerance or low body weight. One usually feels better in horizontal position than upright position of the body.

When a person feels stressed, the adrenal glands are forced to excrete cortisol, which is a steroidal hormone that protects the body from inflammation created with stress. Over time, the constant excretion of cortisol begins to fatigue the adrenal glands, and because the adrenals produce reserve stores of sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, it may cause the body to steal the materials needed to make these sex hormones and convert them into more cortisol. The body chooses to do this because the body can continue to live with hormone deficiencies, but it could literally die from the internal inflammation produced from stress. This process exhausts the adrenals, and it can produce or exacerbate sex hormone deficiencies.

Adrenal Fatigue, Angel Longevity Medical Center

Adrenal Fatigue Dr. Anju Mathur can help men and women get to the root of their adrenal fatigue with her specialized Adrenal Fatigue Back to Wellness Program, which is a comprehensive program that treats adrenal fatigue symptoms. Dr. Mathur’s comprehensive treatment plan includes sophisticated and detailed testing and an evaluation of the several of the body’s systems, which may include the endocrine, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and hormonal systems. Adrenal fatigue is most often induced by stress, and for this reason, Dr. Mathur will also analyze a patient’s lifestyle, work, and social habits in order to provide patients with a Holistic approach to their healing. Dr. Mathur endeavors to get to the root of health issues, and her all inclusive treatment plans can allow patients to follow a long-term health plan that will guide them back to health. As Adrenal Fatigue doctor, Dr. Mathur has utilized the Adrenal Fatigue Back to Wellness Program to help men and women recover from the effects of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome.

Risk Factors For Developing Adrenal Fatigue

Anyone with a high stress lifestyle can acquire adrenal fatigue syndrome; however, people going through middle-aged changes are more at risk for developing adrenal fatigue syndrome because their sex hormones are already beginning to decline. Another group of individuals at risk for developing adrenal fatigue are those that stay up all night long for recreational purposes or that must stay up all night working. The body is programmed to get drowsy when it gets dark, but when a person stays up or must ignore the natural chemical drowsiness, the adrenal glands are forced excrete adrenaline to keep the body awake. If this happens once in awhile, the adrenals have time to recover from this, but if it occurs on a regular basis, the body cannot recover, which fatigues the adrenal glands.

Other stressors that induce adrenal fatigue may include:

  • Food Toxins
  • Poor Dietary Habits
  • Caffeine
  • No Relaxation
  • Mental Stress
  • Financial Issues
  • Infections Or Illnesses
  • Negative Thoughts And Emotions
  • Allergies
  • Smoking
  • Lack Of Sleep
  • No Exercise
  • Overexerting Exercise
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Fear
  • Environmental Toxins
  • Excessive Sugar
  • Flour Products

Signs of adrenal fatigue may include:

  • Craving Salty or Sweet Snacks
  • Difficulty Getting Up In The Morning
  • Feeling Burned Out
  • Not Being Able To Feel Awake
  • Intolerance To Stress
  • Mental and Physical Exhaust
  • Feeling More Awake After 6pm
  • Inability To Sleep
  • Mental Fogginess
  • Poor Concentration or Memory

How do we diagnose Adrenal Fatigue?

Of course diagnostic tests for adrenal fatigue have to be done to diagnosis this condition. These include a 24 hr urine test for cortisol and other adrenal hormones as well as a saliva test to determine the rhythm of cortisol secretion during a 24 hr period. If your test results prove your adrenals are not functioning properly, adding more salt to your diet will allow your adrenals to rest so that they can repair themselves.

What can I do about it?

I love treating my patients who have adrenal fatigue because I know I can heal their adrenal glands in a few short months into normal productive glands with my healing herbs while supporting adrenals with low dose cortisol and DHEA. Once the adrenals are repaired, one does not need to continue these herbs or hormones, provided one has changed their lifestyle and handled all the factors contributing to their existing condition.

One thing I notice that my patients who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy who have adrenal fatigue do very well with wellness IV drips. When you’re under stress, your body uses greater quantities of B-complex vitamins. Riboflavin (or vitamin B2) is a key member of this group of vitamins–and yellow is the natural color of riboflavin. Adding B-complex vitamins to your IV bag with Vitamin C will help your body handle the stress you’re going through. In fact, the entire group of B-complex vitamins and vitamin C are so well known as stress fighters that even conventional medical practitioners acknowledge their value.

Adrenal Fatigue doctor, Anju Mathur can help men and women get to the cause of their adrenal fatigue with her specialized Back to Wellness Program, and as there are many potential sources of the problem, it is vital that the right cause is found and treated properly without causing more stress on an already stressed hormone system. Because Dr. Anju Mathur’s healing program is all inclusive, several therapies can help with adrenal fatigue. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can help to supplement hormonal imbalances that cause the many symptoms of adrenal fatigue. IV Infusions and Nutrient Therapy can increase the body’s nutritional stores to raise immunity and improve energy. Chelation Therapy can rid the body of toxic substances that weigh on the already taxed adrenal gland system. Phospholipid Exchange Therapy can rid the body of toxins on a cellular level to improve kidney and adrenal gland functioning. These therapies and Dr. Mathur’s specialized programs have helped to improve the many symptoms of adrenal fatigue and the body’s overall health and wellness. Please call today and set up an appointment to learn more about Dr. Mathur’s adrenal fatigue treatment plans and to determine which of the clinic’s many protocols for treating adrenal fatigue may be beneficial.

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