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Back To Wellness Program

This program is designed for those patients who are suffering from complex chronic illnesses, such as autoimmune disease, heart disease, cancer or any other chronic and complex illness. This program is very comprehensive and tailored to each person’s needs.

In order to effectively help with these types of health problems, it is vital to get to the source. This requires an evaluation of all organ systems of the body including; The gastro intestinal system, the immune system, the cardio vascular system, the hormonal system and the nervous system.

We do this by doing an extensive personal health history and also comprehensive and sophisticated testing. Our tests can effectively identify bio-chemical imbalances caused by environmental toxicity such as heavy metals, organic solvents and other toxins. Additionally, we can and do test for food allergies, hormone imbalances, cardiovascular issues as well as other factors that may be an underlying cause of you health problems.

Dr. Mathur is very skilled at not only determining what tests should be used but also interpreting those tests to determine what the correct treatment protocols are needed and in which combination. It is her expertise that sets this program apart from anything else you may have tried. Based upon your test results and overall history, Dr. Mathur will create a personalized treatment program for you. There are typically three phases to the Back to Wellness Program.

Phase 1:

A four-month intensive treatment phase that would typically include the following:

  • IV Therapy. We have a variety of intravenous nutritional drips that are used in tailored combinations to quickly support the bodies’ various organ systems and immediately assist the healing process. The consultations necessary to monitor your IV therapy are included in this part of the program.
  • Detoxification. It is typical that the body needs to be detoxified in order to promote healing. If it is found that detoxification is necessary for you, we use a specialized and very effective liver detoxification program most of our patients find immediately effective.
  • Nutrition: Food is the basic building block of health. What one puts in his body will determine the overall health of the body over the course of your life. During this phase, we do a very personalized Metabolic Typing nutritional program designed to assist you in eating the right foods for you and to eliminate foods that may be toxic to you. During this phase, you will work with our nutritional consultant to implement and stabilize your nutritional program. This will include a tailored nutritional supplement program.
  • Doctor-patient consultations: During this phase of the Back to Wellness program you will see the doctor as often as needed in order to continue to assess your progress and fine tune your program. This program is very much a team effort between our health professionals and you. The success of the program largely depends upon you and your ongoing active participation in the process.

Phase II:

A five to seven-month health stabilization phase.

After 4 months the patient is typically doing much better and will require continued monitoring by the doctor and continued fine-tuning of the treatment protocols but doctors consultations will need to be less frequent and the number of IV’s required would be usually less as well. If indicated by test results, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy would be included in this phase if it was not started in phase I.

This phase includes:

  • Continued IV therapy as needed.
  • Ongoing nutritional consultation and support. There will be retesting for you Metabolic Typing program so all necessary adjustments to your diet and supplements can be made.
  • Continued but less frequent consultations with the doctor so that your program can continue to be closely monitored for results.
  • Lab retesting will also be done during this phase as dictated by the doctor. In this way, we can stay abreast of all bio-chemical and hormonal changes that are going on in your body and adjust your treatment protocols appropriately.

Phase III:


This phase will be used to maintain an optimum level of health for the years to come. It is our intention to not only get you well again but do all we can to keep you well. The maintenance phase is a very personalized phase of care that is created just for you. It is also the trickiest phase of care.

As most of our patients are feeling so much better by this phase that they don’t see the need for more doctors’ care. However, this is where our relationship with you becomes perhaps the most important because if we can continue to monitor your health and prevent serious health problems down the line, then this phase of care becomes invaluable.

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