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Back to Health Program

This program is designed for those patients who have been suffering or not feeling like themselves for a while. Disease of the body presents itself in non-optimum physical states such as, chronic fatigue, chronic body aches, joint pains, physical and mental discomforts, headaches, nausea, and even rashes. There is confusion as to what’s happening with the body; could it be possible infections or gut issues? This program is designed to answer that question; it’s tailored to each patient’s needs and is carefully monitored by the doctor every month.

Getting to the source of the health problems is vital. We do this by evaluating an extensive personal health history and also comprehensive, sophisticated, and cutting-edge laboratory testing. This requires an evaluation of various organ systems of the body such as, the gastrointestinal system, the immune system, the cardio-vascular system, the endocrine system and others, as needed. The doctor will look for infections, gut dysbiosis, heavy metals (as well as organic solvents and other toxins) and biochemical imbalances in the body.

With the personalized right protocol, which may include supplementation, change in diet, IV therapy and/or hormone replacement therapy and others, anyone can restore their feeling of overall well-being, vibrancy and vitality. Dr. Mathur is skilled at not only choosing the appropriate tests for each patient, but also interpreting those results to determine what the correct treatment protocols are needed and in which combination and sequence. It is her expertise that sets this program apart from anything else you may have tried before.

Back to Health


There are two phases to the Back to Health Program:


A six-month health optimization phase that would typically include the following:


During this phase of the Back to Health program you will see the doctor monthly so she can assess your progress and fine-tune your program.


Food is the basic building block of health. What you in your body will determine the overall health of your body over the course of your life. During this phase we do a personalized Metabolic Typing nutritional program designed to assist you in eating the right foods, and to eliminate foods that may be toxic to you. During this phase you will work with our nutritional consultant to implement and stabilize your nutritional program.


Dr. Mathur will help you to understand what your test results mean and what that means in terms of treatment. She will help you to acquire the right habits and lifestyle changes but clearly educate you on why this is important. The Nutritionist, side by side, with you and the doctor will assist you in understanding your new diet, why it is important, and how to establish it in your life to work in conjunction with your hormones, supplements and/or other treatments.


We have a variety of intravenous therapeutic drips that are used in tailored combinations to quickly support the bodies’ various organ systems and immediately assist the healing process. The consultations necessary to monitor your IV therapy are included in this part of the program, should IVs be recommended.


Once the patient has achieved the level of health they have dreamed of, they graduate to the next phase, a quarterly maintenance program. In this phase you will see the doctor every 3 months to monitor your health and maintain the optimum level of health for the years to come. It is our intention to not only get you well again but do all we can to keep you well. The maintenance phase is the trickiest phase of care. As most of our patients are feeling so much better by this time that they don’t see the need for more doctor’s care. However, this is where our relationship with you becomes perhaps the most important because if we can continue to monitor your health, then we can also prevent serious health issues down the line.

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