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Looking for a functional medicine doctor?

Have you “tried everything”? Are you tired of living with the burden of chronic health issues? We understand how it feels to have your quality of life diminished by symptoms that seem unmanageable. If you are experiencing any of these issues, your body is trying to tell you there are deeper root causes that need to be addressed in order to truly restore your health.

Chronic Illness

Are you struggling with long-term chronic illness? Just can’t seem to get to the root cause of your condition?

Lack of Energy

Feel like you’re running on an empty battery most of the day? Do you long for that feeling when you were younger, operating at your peak energy levels?

Can't Lose Weight

Just can’t seem to shed those extra pounds, no matter how hard you try? Nothing seems to work, and you’ve tried all the fad diets and exercise plans?

Poor Sleep

Do you wake up and feel like you need a nap already and you haven’t even started your day? Just can’t seem to get a good night’s rest?

Don't Lose Hope!

At Angel Longevity Medical Center, our approach goes beyond traditional medicine. With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Mathur specializes in uncovering the root causes of your chronic health issues through alternative medicine. By addressing these underlying imbalances, she will restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself

Angel Longevity Medical Center is in Los Angeles. California. Dr. Mathur sees patients from all over the US.


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You deserve to live your best life.

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