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We target the root cause of your chronic health condition, so you can feel like yourself again.

Rediscover energy
Enjoy restful sleep
Feel younger

Have you “tried everything”?

Are you tired of living with the burden of chronic health issues? We understand how it feels to have your quality of life diminished by symptoms that seem unmanageable. If you are experiencing any of these issues, your body is trying to tell you there are deeper root causes that need to be addressed in order to truly restore your health.

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Chronic illness
Chronic body aches and pain
Poor sleep
Lack of energy
Can’t lose weight

Don’t lose hope

At Angel Longevity Medical Center, our approach goes beyond traditional medicine. Dr. Anju Mathur, a board-certified functional medicine doctor with over 15 years of experience, specializes in uncovering the root causes of your chronic health issues through alternative medicine..  By addressing these underlying imbalances, she will restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

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Rediscover energy

It may not feel like it right now, but your body should be running like a well-maintained race car. We’ll find out which parts are falling behind and get it back to making the right amount of energy again.

Enjoy restful sleep

There are many organs and systems that work together to create “health”. When they are all functioning as they should, you’ll experience that whole-body, healthy feeling you are seeking including the ability to fully rest.

Feel younger

There are many organs and systems that work together to create “health”. When they are all functioning as they should, you’ll experience that whole-body, healthy feeling you are seeking including the ability to fully rest.

You deserve to live your best life.

Hi, I’m Dr. Anju Mathur

I understand and want you to know that something can be done about it!!

As a board certified functional medicine doctor, I have been helping thousands just like you to restore their health for over the last 15 years.

I look forward to working together with you so we can get to the bottom of what’s causing your symptoms and you can get back to living life!

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Here’s the plan

Discover renewed health in three simple steps


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Dr. Mathur will take the time to completely understand what you're experiencing and formulate a highly personalized plan just for you.


Find the root cause

We’ll use comprehensive medical testing to uncover root causes and put you on an exact plan to address each one.


Start feeling like yourself again!

Once your body has the specific support it requires, it is completely capable of  healing itself.

Our Services

Here are some of our most popular holistic health and wellness services

Bioidentical Hormones (BHRT)

  • BHRT for Women
  • BHRT for Men
  • Andropause
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Menopause & Perimenopause
  • Adrenal Fatigue

Conditions Treated

  • Chronic Disease
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Epstein Barr Virus
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Hypothyroidism / hyperthyroidism
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cancer Adjunctive Therapy

Personalized Wellness Programs

  • Therapeutic IV treatments
  • Personalized health programs
  • Nutritional IVs
  • Personalized nutrition programs
  • Targeted testing
  • Heavy metal detoxification


  • Tempsure Envi
  • ICON Laser (Aesthetic Laser Therapy)
  • Sunetics Laser Restoration
  • Anti-aging treatment

Don’t take our word for it

Here’s what some of our patients say

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Unlocking optimal wellness

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Are you feeling a bit lost and disheartened by persistent health challenges? You're not alone. Many folks in their forties to sixties yearn to regain their vitality and achieve optimal health. That's where functional medicine steps in—it's a game-changing healthcare approach that dives deep into the core of your health issues, aiming not just to alleviate symptoms but to determine and treat their root causes.

So, what exactly is functional medicine?

It comes from the idea that each person is unique and requires personalized care to achieve true wellness. It understands the intricate connections between different bodily systems and seeks to restore balance of the whole person by considering your lifestyle, environment, genetics, and underlying health conditions. Unlike conventional medicine, functional or regenerative medicine takes a holistic approach. It is sometimes also called integrative medicine or naturopathic medicine.


Dr. Anju Mathur is the driving force behind the patient successes we experience here at Angel Longevity Medical Center. She has a compassionate and patient-centered philosophy that sets her apart.

She  truly takes the time to understand your experiences and struggles, forming a real connection with you as a partner on your wellness journey.

Armed with this knowledge, she employs precise biological testing to create personalized, natural treatments that are tailored specifically to your unique needs.

It's a genuine partnership between you and Dr. Mathur as your caring integrative medicine specialist.

So if you're tired of feeling like just another face in the crowd, it's time to start the integrative health journey toward true, optimal wellness—so you can feel like your old self again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things you may want to know

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Do you think you can help me with my health problem? +

Our physicians use an innovative systems approach to assessing and treating your health care concerns. Perhaps you have experienced being examined by your physician, having taken blood tests, X-rays or other diagnostic tests only to be told that everything is normal. Yet you and your physician both know that you are sick. Unfortunately, this experience is all too common.

Most physicians are trained to look at certain places and do certain tests that they are familiar with. Yet most of the causes of these health issues are not to be found there. The usual tests do not look for food allergies, chronic hidden viral infections, gut flora disturbances, immune dysfunctions, environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic disturbances. New gene testing can uncover underlying genetic predispositions which can be altered through diet, lifestyle, supplements or medications.

Dr. Mathur has pioneered several of these testing methods to help her patients recover from many chronic and difficult-to-treat conditions. Our physicians are highly trained in evaluating, assessing, and treating chronic problems like chronic fatigue syndromes, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, memory problems, Parkinson’s disease, and other chronic complex conditions. We also focus on prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, hormonal imbalances, and digestive disorders.

Can all the tests I need to be done at Angel Longevity Medical Center? +

Most of the testing can be performed at Angel Longevity Medical center. Some testing can be done at conventional laboratories and others are available only through specialty laboratories. During your initial consultation Physician would determine which tests need to be done. And then our medical staff and assistants would review the testing recommendations, instructions and costs.

Some testing can be performed at home with test kits to collect urine, saliva or stool. Others may require you to go to the local laboratory to have blood drawn. In all cases, we will assist you in coordinating initial and follow up testing. Occasionally we may recommend certain tests that are not performed at our facility (i.e. heart scans, Bone density, Pelvic Ultrasounds etc.). In those instances we can provide you with an order that you can take to a facility near your home or we can schedule them to get it done near our office.

Will I see other Practitioners at the Angel Longevity Medical Center? +

Nutritional therapy is a vital component of your treatment plan. You will see our nutritional counselor on implementing your recommended metabolic type food plan. Following your initial MD consultation, once all tests are completed and we have your metabolic typing results in, you will see our nutritional counselor for an hour long consultation. You will then follow up with her in person, over the phone or email consultations and advise.

Do you take Insurance? +

Angel Longevity Medical Center does not accept insurance or Medicare. We do not file insurance claims on your behalf; nor do we assist with claim resolution. However we will provide you with detailed receipt of services provided for you to submit to your insurance carrier. We expect full payment at the time of registration for one of our concierge programs.

Is Dr Anju Mathur a primary care physician? +

The physicians are trained as primary care physicians but they do not provide acute care services. We will work with you closely as consultants, coaches in preventative, nutritional, IV therapy and functional medicine to help you address root cause of your problems.

Do I have to see the physician in person for my medical consultation? +

Yes, their medical licenses require that they meet with the patient in order to provide initial medical consultation. Follow up appointments can be arranged by phone or skype, as approved by the doctor.

Whom do I contact? +

Our phone number is (323) 661-7661.

All questions and concerns can be communicated via email or patient portal:

Save time and message us via the Patient Portal: www.power2patient.net

User name is usually your email address.

If you haven’t created an account on the patient portal yet, contact Aleisha.

Integrative Medicine


Take the first step on your journey to wellness.

Contact us now to schedule a free phone consultation with our new patient coordinator and find out if Angel Longevity is a good fit for you.

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Integrative Medicine

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FIGHT BACK! An Answer to COVID-19

Learn More about boosting your immune system

Covid19 and Your Immune System – A special message from Our Founder, Dr. Anju Mathur

Update March, 22nd:

We remain open to provide crucial services to all our patients and we are welcoming new patients.

Our most important goal is to remain healthy and maintain or build a strong immune system. In an effort to do so, we researched and have found a special test to analyze the overall state of health of your immune system.

A healthy immune system is the only thing that will either keep you from getting Covid19 or if you do contract it, keep the symptoms as mild as possible and the recovery as quick as possible. Because of this, we want to provide the opportunity for you to come in and have the overall health of your immune system tested.

If you are interested in this new blood test to find out what the overall state of your immune system is like, you should contact us right away and make an appointment.

We have negotiated some very special pricing on this test and are including your test and report of findings consultation with Dr. Anju Mathur along with her recommendations to maintain your overall immune health for only $199.

Call now to schedule (818) 961-2055

Our doctor has also prepared a special message for you:

Update March, 16th:

In recent weeks we have all seen the news about the Coronavirus and even worse, we have seen blatantly threatening news reports, and our friends and family scared out of their wits.

I urge you not to panic. If you are not sure what to do, contact us and we will help you.

Coronavirus is real, but for healthy people it is not a death sentence. The mortality rate is only relatively high in immune compromised people or with other medical issues. Per Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, “Viruses are NOT what kill & harm us (trillions of them in & around us) - rather the over-reaction of a weak & dysfunctional immune system caused by “underlying pre-existing conditions””… “CDCgov can bring CoronaVirus to its knees fast & stop deaths of seniors & immunocompromised by AT LEAST EQUAL emphasis- NOW - on specific foods & supplements to STRENGTHEN our Immune Systems.”

The best and right thing to do is to build up your immune system to be more resistant. In addition to high dose vitamin C, major autohemotherapy, and ultraviolet blood irradiation intravenous therapy, we are putting together our anti-viral supplement package for you. Call us for details.

Until then, we recommend you use very good hygiene practices:

  1. Wash your hands for 40 seconds with soap and hot water.
  2. Wear a mask if you are sick, coughing or sneezing, or have mucus. (Change mask every day).
  3. Wipe down your phone and doorknobs.
  4. Do not touch your face (eyes, nose, mouth).
  5. Use chemical-free anti-bacterial sprays and wipes (you can use essential oils, apple cider vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide)

Also, I want to share a wonderful anti-viral tea recipe:

Anti Viral TEA Recipe by Dr Mathur


  1. Fresh Grated Ginger-3 Tablespoons
  2. black whole kernels peppercorns- 20-30 pieces
  3. Cinnamon Stick- 1
  4. Black Cloves- 5-8.

Place all of the above ingredients in 3 cups of water and then boil for 20-30 minutes until the water turns black. Then strain it and drink it with some coconut or Almond milk and palm sugar or stevia.

Remember, these symptoms are treatable. You do not have to freak out. Be smart, keep your immune system healthy.

If you do contract the virus, let us know. Don’t panic, we are here for you.

Find facts instead of hysteria here.

John Hopkins reports 70,000 people have recovered worldwide.


Highest percentage of deaths are from immunocompromised patients and patients over 80 years old.

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