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Ultraslim by BodyContourz

UltraSlim is the only non-invasive procedure for immediate fat loss. UltraSlim uses the gentle energy of red light and the body’s natural detoxification process to strip away fat in just minutes. Ultraslim patients lose an average of 3.5” and 1.6 liters of fat in one 32-minute visit. Some patients can lose up to 10” in one visit, which is a gallon of fat! UltraSlim’s fast results are unlike other non-invasive fat reduction technologies, which can take weeks or months to see even minimal results.

UltraSlim uses an FDA-approved patented process by which the body releases and voids the fat cell contents using only the energy of a special red light and the body’s natural detoxification process. The light energy is neither cold nor hot, just natural light.

Whether you need to shed tens of pounds or just get rid of stubborn fat in a few areas, UltraSlim can help you shed overall body fat, or just fine tune your body contours in the areas you need it, such as your belly, neck, arms and thighs.

Body Contouring Tighter, More Youthful Skin

UltraSlim gives patients tighter, younger-looking skin. The UltraSlim process has been shown to produce collagen and elastin fiber, essential for healthy, youthful skin.

UltraSlim not only dissolves your fat, it also contours your body and tightens your skin. It can even give you a facelift!

Compelling Weight Loss for that stubborn fat

Because of its unique, patented process, fat lost with UltraSlim stays lost. A special light is used to stimulate the fat cells, which respond by opening temporary pores in the cell and emptying the fat cell contents and releasing the excess fat. UltraSlim takes care of even the most stubborn fat that diet and exercise haven’t been able to handle, including your belly, thighs, buttocks, arms and under the chin.

Other non-invasive fat reduction technologies, such as ultrasound, laser, radio waves, heat and freezing, do not provide this level of weight loss. The fat gradually returns, often in lumpy accumulations.

With UltraSlim, as long as you keep to a good diet you can enjoy a new slim lifestyle without fear of fat creeping back!

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