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Breaking the Chronic Fatigue Cycle

Breaking the Chronic Fatigue Cycle Reclaim Your Vitality and Boost Energy with Functional Medicine Do you find yourself trapped in the relentless cycle of chronic fatigue? Do even the simplest tasks feel like insurmountable challenges? Did you know in 2021–2022, one point three percent of adults had chronic fatigue syndrome also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS). The percentage of adults who had ME/CFS increases with age through ages 60–69! “Functional medicine offers a personalized and integrative approach to chronic fatigue, addressing the root causes

The Challenges of Identifying Long Covid

The Challenges of Identifying Long Covid Even though the pandemic has officially been declared over, the aftermath is still affecting millions of Americans. This complex set of symptoms, known as Long Covid, can be a very tough puzzle for healthcare providers to unravel. It’s like solving a complex puzzle with numerous pieces, each representing a different symptom or manifestation. The challenge lies in distinguishing these puzzle pieces from those of other conditions that share similar characteristics. The Spectrum of Symptoms: Unraveling the

Unleashing Your Inner Energy and The Wonders of Metabolic Typing

Unleashing Your Inner Energy: The Wonders of Metabolic Typing Have you ever wondered why a particular diet that worked wonders for your friend seems to have the opposite effect on you? It’s not just a quirk of fate; it might be the key to unlocking your unique metabolic code through a fascinating concept known as Metabolic Typing. Originally pioneered by Dr. Donald Kelly and now carried forward by Bill Wolcott in the tradition of nutrition pioneer Weston Price, this approach offers a

The Power of Functional Medicine in Addressing the Root Causes of Health Issues

The Power of Functional Medicine in Addressing the Root Causes of Complex Health Issues Do you ever wonder why some health issues seem like a puzzle that’s tough to solve? Well, with chronic or complex conditions it takes more than medication to get to the root cause of the situation. According to a report from The National Institutes of Health (NIH), these complex conditions require an innovative approach. The report states that the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases, combined with

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